Ring Twister Model SSE-RT-24

     Our ring Twister machines are suitable for ring diameters from 10”, 11.25”. Machine is suitable for Multifilament Nylon, HDPE, Fiber Glass, Natural fiber, man-made fiber, fabricated tapes, paper twisting, Jute etc.


Model SSE-RT-24
No. of Spindles 24
Ring Size 11.25"
Ring Thickness 38mm
Motor Capacity 05 HP
Twisting Motor 01+01 HP
Lifting Motor 01 HP
Total Motor HP 8 HP
Travelling Path 305mm (As per customer requirement)
Bobbin Size 305mm X225mmX24mm

Key Features

  • Effective machine design with ready to use structures at your factory no need to assemble again like other Ring Twister machinery.
  • Easy movement from one place to another without any kind of dismantling of machine parts.
  • Optimum production & easy operation.
  • Antifriction bearing to vital moving parts.
  • Uniform counterbalancing.
  • Best twisting quality & high productivity.
  • The ring twister is provided with reversible spindle drive that mainly used for S & Z type.
  • Track up Roll – Primary Both individual Gears for individual Twisting & Doubling Both Individual Gear for individual Twisting.
  • TPI Setting direct A/C drive.
  • High speed machine by less power consumption.
  • Less noisy.
  • Complete powder coated heavy duty structure.


Sr. No. Model Number Denier No. Of Spindle
1. SSE / RT-10 2000-35000 16-64
2. SSE / RT-11.25 3000-39000 16-64