Bobbin Winder Model SSE-BW-02

Designed for precision winding of any type of yarns from the Cone to Bobbin automatically.


Transvers Size 250 mm
Transvers Type Automatic
Motor H.P 1 H.P.
L x W x H 800mm X 1280mm X 820mm
Bobbin size Dia 250mm X Length 250mm and Id 38mm.
Speed Maximum  750 RPM

Key Features

  • Uniform winding
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise pollutions
  • Tension arrangement.
  • Two spindle can operate simultaneously


Sr. No. Model Number Discription Of Machine Motor HP
1. SSE / BW-2 Cone to bobbin winder  1 HP
2. SSE / BW-8 Multi Spindle Bobbin Winder 9 HP
3. SSE / BW-12 Multi Spindle Bobbin Winder 13 HP
4. SSE / BW-16 Multi Spindle Bobbin Winder 17 HP
5. SSE / BW-18 Multi Spindle Bobbin Winder 19 HP